More bad news for Nokia

From the Guardian:

The data from IDC shows Finnish handset maker Nokia’s overall sales in western Europe slipping by 10% year-on-year in a market that grew by 5% to 45m handsets, with Samsung bagging the top place with 13.2m, a 29.3% share

As ever with the Guardian’s tech commentary, it’s the comments that are the interesting bit. Lots of people ragging on Nokia for their recent strategy, and complaining that they’ve had to jump ship to HTC etc.

I still use an E72 for work. Beautiful handset, but Symbian, its OS, is crap.

Nokia’s reluctance to embrace Android from the get-go, has left their smart-phones out of the loop in the application revolution. It’s great that they’ve now embraced Windows Phone 7, but many of the hard-core geeks — who loved Nokia’s tinker-friendly OS’s — will not be keen to sit making daisy chains in Microsoft’s closed garden.

I guess Nokia would argue that these users don’t represent much value compared to the masses who just want email and Angry Birds, but these are the guys who have stuck by Nokia while it drove itself into a tree.

Obviously Microsoft has paid Nokia to stay away from Android. This is a mistake. Android is in the ascendancy whilst WinPhone7 is an unproven OS not yet gaining much traction. Nokia is risking what little chance it has at the most crucial time its recent history.