More Nexus Prime rumours

I’m about ready for a smartphone upgrade. I love my jailbroken HTC Desire (Gingerbread 2.3.5), but it’s starting to feel a bit long in the tooth. My main bugbear is the 512MB of internal memory, severely limiting the amount of applications I can install (not all apps can be put on the SD card).

I’m very tempted by the Samsung Galaxy S II as I would like a larger screen, and with its dual-core CPU, it should have the longevity to make the ¬£500 outlay worthwhile.

The only thing stopping me from laying out for the S II is that the next Google monikered phone, apparently called the Nexus Prime, is rumoured to be landing in October.

I’d much rather have the stock Android build than any of the skins the manufacturers use — what with all the associated bloatware and limitations. If I got the S II, I’m sure I’d install a custom ROM after a month.

I’m just not sure what technically the Nexus Prime will have over the S II. I’m not really interested in NFC or a blistering processor (games? meh.). So should I wait, or order a Galaxy S II today?

EDIT: The latest on the Nexus Prime (based on a leaked “roadmap”) is that the screen will be a mammoth 4.65″. Is that too big? I think so.