A reasoned look at Atlas Shrugged

Zhizou is reading Atlas Shrugged, as usual he takes a balanced view on Rand’s canonical Objectivist text.

The bad guys are only interested in the greater good not their own selfish needs.  This is an interesting twist to make concern for others and society into “evil” and concern for personal gain into “good”.  The dichotomy is far too simplistic of course – things are rarely so black and white and good and evil are not directly linked to these two schools of thought, they – such as they exist – can be in equal measures spread across both.  Rand’s bad guys are all two-faced doublespeakers, not a backbone between them.  They are corrupt, they lie, they are “looters”.  It is quite feasible to be concerned with the good of society and not be corrupt and incompetent.  This is just silly.  What a pity she didn’t put up a real argument from a real character instead of a bunch of weak straw men.