Christmas ideas for the cyclist…. yawn

It’s the holiday season, so it seems that every other cycling blog is doing a post about gifts for the cyclist in your life. Seriously, is it really that hard?

Think about it, cyclists might just be about the easiest people in the world to buy for. The lifestyle of the cyclist is all about gadgets, funny clothes and repairs. A new jacket, some shorts (black, always black) or even a couple of inner tubes stuffed in a merino sock. All of these would be greatly appreciated by any cyclist.

Or think a little more outside of the box. A subscription to arty fredzine Rouleur, or maybe a professional bicycle fitting, where they stick magic electro-whatsits all over your body and you dance around like a cheap toy marionette in front of a camera (at least that what I would do if I were covered in magic electro-whatsits).

Wait… I have a good one: jot down the make and model of the cyclist’s favourite bike (they’ll have several, trust me), and get it priced for new quality gear and brake cables. A local bike shop (LBS) should be up for pricing and setting up this awesome gift – make sure they have a full season to use up the voucher, just in case they have recently had a cable overhaul.

You see? I’m an ideas man. Boom!

The thing is you really don’t need a blog to tell you what to buy a cyclist. If they’re anything like every single cyclist I know, they’ve already written down a lengthy list of gear they want.

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